Offset Kings Atlanta 2014

Car enthusiasts from all over the southeastern United States gathered at Road Atlanta on May 10 for Offset Kings, presented by Fatlace. Run in association with the weekend's Formula Drift competition, rides were low and style points were high as owners displayed their one-of-a-kind vehicles.

Everything was present from super-clean European beauties... track-ready beasts with form and function in mind.

Speaking of form, some rides had some crazy tuck.

This nice and clean RSX was hard to miss.

And this GT86 was definitely a head-turner. Sitting aggressively on deep dish rims, the body kit and widened set-up make this an unforgettable car.

Fifteen52 also made some cameos...

...and some very good cameos at that.

Let's not forget this '74 Mercedes-Benz 240D with lots of character.

As a bonus, there was even an Ariel Atom on display. For more information about upcoming Offset Kings events, visit

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