A not-so-average array of automobiles: BlackTop Nationals 2014

Downtown Wichita, KS hosted the engaging and expansive 2014 Blacktop Nationals Aug. 22 through 24. The variety and number of cars, as well as the automotive-related activities taking place throughout the weekend, drew visitors from all around the Midwest. Check out our coverage below and visit http://www.blacktopnationals.com/ for more information about the annual event.

Created in 2010, BlackTop Nationals is a multi-day event that fills not just a single parking lot, but instead fills a convention center, multiple streets and a number of parking lots as well. The quality and diversity of the cars is what makes an event like this truly enjoyable.

While walking up to the Century II Convention Center, a number of nice, vintage vehicles could be seen on display.

There was definitely plenty to see outside.

After wandering for some time, you can't help but ask yourself, "What is there that I haven't seen yet?" There's so much to see, you have to keep track of where you've been and where you're yet to go!

Although U.S. muscle, classic and custom cars were a major part of the show, beautiful exotic vehicles were also on display.

This Audi R8 was simply stunning.

Inside, as a part of the Million Dollar Car display, you could find everything from a Ferrari to a Tesla Roadster to a Superbird.

Certainly not to be missed, there were many vintage vehicles, as well as some hot rods, on display in the Million Dollar Car room.

Go a little bit further and you'd find a room filled with racecars, both new and old; everything from Formula SAE cars developed by students to gassers and classic sprint cars.

In one area, there was even a demonstration where a hot rod shop would perform work on a car, live at different points throughout the day.

Clean, beautiful cars were everywhere.

And, since Ford was a major sponsor for the event, there were brand-new vehicles on display as well. Here you can see the underbelly of a 2015 Ford Mustang.

Outside, there was plenty of live action for petrolheads to enjoy. There was a burnout box where you could share the sound, sight and smell of burning rubber with others. Here, you can see the aftermath on this Impala (video below).

Professional drivers also gave visitors a taste of what Ford's new vehicles were capable of in a small auto-cross type course.

The festivities certainly kept us busy — we're looking forward to seeing what next year brings!

You can stay up-to-date about future BlackTop Nationals events by visiting their Facebook page, or by heading over to their website at http://www.blacktopnationals.com/.

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