Aasbø makes incredible comeback at Formula Drift Texas 2014

Fredric Aasbø and his team showed perseverance in Texas, earning the top podium spot after beating Odi Bakchis in the final battle.

After an intense final four battle that left Fredric Aasbø's car smashed on the side of Texas Motor Speedway during the night of Sept. 13, the "Norwegian Hammer's" team was able to repair the car in very little time, allowing him to drive to victory in the final battle against Odi Bakchis.

“It was all hands on deck,” Aasbø said.

Despite the pressure, Aasbø explained that he remained calm, knowing the car was in good hands. His Scion tC was ready to go again within minutes.

“[My team] did a phenomenal job,” he said. “When I came into FD four or five years ago, it was on a very tight budget it was my buddy and I, working, trying to make it happen; we were stressing like crazy. Then I got under the wings of Papadakis and his guys and ever since then, even when stuff like this happens, I’m super relaxed. I’m just walking around and they tell me to just chill out for a minute, ‘we’ll fix this,’ I do that, I eat a cookie, I drink some water, get back in the car and I drive, so it’s an amazing team to be a part of.”

Forrest Wang, the weekend’s number one qualifier, took third place, earning his second podium career finish. Odi Bakchis, with a background in motocross and rally racing, earned second place.

Chris Forsberg currently leads the Pro Championship, and Aasbø is in second, only 26 points behind.

With only one round left in the 2014 championship, drivers will compete at Irwindale Speedway in California on Oct. 10 and 11.

For complete results and updated points totals from Texas Motor Speedway, click here and visit the official Formula Drift website.

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