Feature Friday: Danny Waldron, Porsche enthusiast

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This week: Danny Waldron from Overland Park, Kansas and his 1980 Porsche 924 and his 1981 Porsche 928.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I'm a senior at Blue Valley High School, I played football while there and I love anything with an engine. I'm also really into paintball; I work at 280 Paintball and Martin City Paintball and I am the head gun tech. On occasion, when our deuce and a half truck breaks, I fix it. I'm originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and have lived all over as the son of a marine. I'm just your average Joe who loves cars and sports.

How did you come to own your cars? The Porsche 924 I bought for $500 from the original owner in Independence, Missouri in May of 2012. At the time I really wanted a car I could work on and make something my own: I was looking for a project and I found one. So I bought it and did the radiator and the brakes and as time went on I did small things along the way. The car will be going into paint and body at the end of the year to have some bumps and bruises fixed, it's been a very interesting project and has turned out very difficult to get parts.

The only upgrades are an upgraded cam shaft installed by the original owner and a few air restricting hoses expanded to allow for more air flow to the engine, increasing horsepower. It's currently sitting on a rare set of chrome ATS spider web rims made for the 924 Turbo.

We bought the '81 928 about two months ago as a father/son project and my dad put the money down on it at $2,900. And, well, he had to have it because it is in such good shape and belongs in the area. The car was delivered to Aristocrat May of 1981 and later sold to a family in Stilwell Kansas. I looked at the car a year ago when it was advertised for $4,000. We passed at that price and waited when the guy who bought it sold it. I emailed back and forth with him and he talked himself down and we met him in Topeka and decided to buy it that day. We cleaned the car thoroughly and I am currently working on getting new rims because the originals are ruined and it just needs a few small things.

What do you like to do with your cars? My favorite things to do with my cars is to go to car shows and Porsche club events, I joined PCA shortly after buying my 924 and ever since then have become a well known member of the club. We do drives and many, many things. One event I love going to is fast Fridays at KC Trends and any other car show I can fit in at.

What has been your favorite part about owning your cars? My favorite part about owning my cars is the adventure that I have had with both of them and the looks I get when driving them, I always get a thumbs up when I take them out and finding parts and fixing them has just been a real adventure. What have your cars taught you? My cars have taught me many many skills about driving and fixing cars, if I didn't have the 924 I wouldn't even know how to bleed brakes which has become a mundane task that I can do in under an hour on the car.

Anything else you'd like to add? The only thing I'd like to add is I'm not Porsche biased, I just really love these two cars, I'm a huge fan of what came from the 1980s and if you see me in one of my cars blasting "Bat Out of Hell" by Meat Loaf or playing a little Kansas or some Styx, you'll get a good chuckle.

Text and photos submitted by Danny Waldron. Follow Danny on Instagram at @waldron_auto_photography.

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