Feature Friday: Scott Borden and his '06 Scion tC


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This week: Scott Borden from Rochester, New York and his 2006 Scion tC.


Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am the owner and photographer of Life's Captured Moments. I have lived in Rochester, New York all of my life and have always been into cars. I am a bit of a Scion fan boy. I have my summer car, which is the 2006 Scion tC, and my winter beater, which is a 2004 Scion xB. I hope to someday get the opportunity to build an FR-S but who knows where life will take me.

Tell us about your car: 2006 Scion tC (5-speed manual) with lots of mods, none in which actually make it faster. Bride Zeta III seats, TCSportline OEM CF hood, Scion lip kit, Enkie EV5 wheels wrapped in Kumho tires, IRotors XDS drilled and slotted rotors, StopTech pads, Raceland coilovers, TRD strut bars, Fujita F5 CAI, SkyHigh Tuning headers, Tsudo Fireball Extreme catback exhaust system, NOS 75 shot Sniper EFI kit, CF dash.

How did you come to own your car? I have always loved the Scion brand ever since its release of the xB back in 2004. Scion, to me, always promoted themselves to be more then just a car brand, but more like a community for automotive enthusiasts. I would have to say that is what drew me in.

What do you like to do with your car? I enjoy cruising with friends, going to car shows with my dad and his Chevy Nova. And, just tinkering with it now and then.

What has been your favorite part about owning your car? Just knowing it's paid off and now having the xB as a winter car but it being reliable enough to be a daily driver means I can take more time to work on the tC.


What has your car taught you? Unless you're going to be dropping a ton of money into a turbo build, a Scion will never be a fast car, haha. Don't get me wrong it's quick, but it's in no way fast. Luckily I am not looking for a race car, just something fun to drive around on the weekends.

Anything else you'd like to add? I got my first car at the age of 15, it was a 1978 Ford Mustang II. Yeah, the ones with the four cylinder engines. It was supposed to be a project car but I never finished it. At 16 I got a 1995 Ford Mustang which I totaled not even a year later. I had a few more vehicles here and there then ended up with a 1999 Honda Civic DX hatch which I riced out to hell: every neon light Pepboys had to offer, chrome 18" wheels, and even lambo doors. After that I got the tC and the xB. Decided I would keep them clean, yet still have enough get up and go to make it a fun ride. Needless to say I have loved every minute of it!

Photos and text by Scott Borden. Check out Scott's photography website by clicking here.


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