PHOTOS: Our shoot with Oakes Auto's Corvettes

Oakes Auto, a pre-owned car dealership in Merriam, KS, sells everything from Porsches to Ford Raptors. We recently took some of the Corvettes owned by Oakes Auto out for a shoot in Kansas City. Enjoy the photos below.

You can visit Oakes Auto's website by clicking here.

DSC05504finalJPEG2 FCTC.jpg

DSC05515finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC05550finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC05538finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC05532finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC05496finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC05486finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC05442finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC05556finalJPEG new WIX.jpg

DSC05434finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC05432finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC05391finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC05383finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC05375finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC05580finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC05588finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC05569finalJPEG FCTC.jpg


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