PHOTOS: KC Performance Society's March meet

The Kansas City Performance Society hosted their March meet on Friday, March 20 at the Shawnee Mission Park amphitheatre. The event was organized and promoted via Facebook. Check out our photos below.

For more information about the Kansas City Performance Society (KCPS), visit the KCPS Facebook group by clicking here.

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DSC05595finalJPEG FCTC.jpg
DSC05590finalJPEG FCTC.jpg
DSC05602finalJPEG FCTC.jpg
DSC05616finalJPEG FCTC.jpg
DSC05632finalJPEG FCTC.jpg
DSC05630finalJPEG FCTC.jpg
DSC05663finalJPEG FCTC.jpg
DSC05624finalJPEG FCTC.jpg
DSC05643finalJPEG FCTC.jpg
DSC05655finalJPEG FCTC.jpg
DSC05680finalJPEG FCTC.jpg
DSC05668finalJPEG FCTC.jpg
DSC05689finalJPEG FCTC.jpg
DSC05692finalJPEG FCTC.jpg
DSC05659finalJPEG FCTC.jpg
DSC05703finalJPEG FCTC.jpg
DSC05686finalJPEG FCTC.jpg
DSC05687finalJPEG FCTC.jpg
DSC05611finalJPEG FCTC.jpg
DSC05699finalJPEG FCTC.jpg
DSC05634finalJPEG FCTC.jpg
DSC05717finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

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