PHOTOS: Formula Drift Long Beach 2015

Drivers took to the streets of Long Beach April 10 and 11 to compete in the first round of the Formula Drift 2015 championship. This round not only kicked off the U.S. championship, but the overseas and world championships, as well.

Norwegian Fredric Aasbø battled his way to the top of the podium in his Scion tC, followed by Aurimas "Odi" Bakchis in his Hyundai Genesis Coupe (second) and Ryan Tuerck in his Scion FR-S (third).

Tanner Foust made his return to Formula Drift last weekend, driving a 900 HP VW Passat. The last time Foust competed in Formula Drift was at the 2010 season-ender. Foust was eliminated after losing to Justin Pawlak during the Top 32 in Long Beach.

For complete results from the event, click here.

DSC07969finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

Fredric Aasbø and Odi Bakchis drift during the final battle.

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Left to right: Odi Bakchis (second place), Fredric Aasbø (first place) and Ryan Tuerck (third place).

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DSC08221finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

Aurimas "Odi" Bakchis stands near his Hyundai Genesis Coupe during the opening ceremonies. Odi finished second in the event.

DSC04450finalJPEG FCTC for WIX.jpg

Tanner Foust slides in his 900 HP RWD VW Passat.

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DSC08124finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC08307finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC08283finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC08104finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC08093finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC07451finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

The hairpin, the course's final turn, proved to be a challenge for many drivers.

DSC07625finalJPEG FCTC for WIX.jpg

DSC07967finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC07954finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC07945finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC07937finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC07464finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC07440finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC07422finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC04452finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC04446finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC04443finalJPEG2 FCTC.jpg

DSC04440finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC04436finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC04431finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC04425finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

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