PHOTOS: FCTC's May meet at the KC Auto Museum

From City To Circuit's May meet was held at the Kansas City Automotive Museum on Sunday, May 3 from 1 to 4 p.m. Check out some of our favorite shots from the event below.

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DSC09258finalJPEG new FCTC.jpg

DSC09284finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC09213finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC09203finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC09287finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC09278finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC09270finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC09261finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC09255finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC09240finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC09227finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC09197finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC09191finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC09224finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC09215finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC09200finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

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