PHOTOS: Fast Friday at KC Trends (2015 Launch Edition)

KC Trends kicked off summer with their Launch Edition Fast Friday event on May 15. The wheel and customization shop, located in Overland Park, KS, hosts Fast Fridays throughout the warmer months as a way to unite the Kansas City car community.

Fast Fridays will be held once a month this summer and June's event date has not yet been announced. "Like" KC Trends Motorsports on Facebook to find out more about the event and the company behind it.

Photos from the event can be seen below.

DSC08986finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC08963finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC08941finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC08940finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC08931finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC08976finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC08954finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC08950finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC08957finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC08952finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC09036finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC09000finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC09017finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC09021finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC08998finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC08993finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC08997finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC08988finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC08980finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

DSC09032finalJPEG FCTC.jpg

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