Introducing the FCTC contributor program


We are proud to announce the From City To Circuit contributor program! Now you can have your content shared with thousands of enthusiasts all across the world, all while retaining full rights to your work.

How does it work?

Shoot us an email and let us know what type of content you have in mind. Send us links to your previous work, including your website and social media pages, if applicable. If you've already shot an event (but haven't posted it yet), feel free to send us a preview image or two so we can get a good idea of what the full set or feature might be like.

What can I submit?

Photo sets, articles and even opinion columns (no videos at this time). This can range from race coverage to collector/builder features to car reviews and everything in-between. Anything from the city to the circuit is fair game. Also, you can submit as much or as little work as you would like.

What are the benefits?

You'll have your work published, shared and promoted not only on our website, but on our social media accounts as well. You'll be fully credited and we’ll provide links to your own website or page(s). Additionally, for our top contributors, you may be able to earn media credentials for specific events through FCTC, usually meaning free entry and special access. On top of all this, you'll still retain full rights to the content (see license terms below). Unfortunately, we cannot provide compensation at this time.

What are the content license terms?

Once you send us your feature and we post it, we ask that you wait at least 12 hours before posting non-FCTC-watermarked photos to your website, social media pages, etc. FCTC emphasizes posting original, new content. If you would like to share your content immediately, we ask you share the link to the FCTC article and then share non-FCTC-watermarked versions at a later time.

A FCTC-watermarked image will include a small stamp showing your name and the FCTC logo.


And, as we said, you retain complete rights to the content; we are simply sharing it with your permission. We will not create products (posters, t-shirts, stickers, etc.) with your images. Your content will be visible on our website and social media pages, and your submission of content is your consent to allow us to post, share and promote the content.

If you’re looking to expand your own portfolio, grow your own reach and gain new experience, then consider becoming a FCTC contributor. This program will be a new way for our readers and fans to experience automotive culture from around the world.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

Email us by clicking here.


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